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Create your own DIY Christmas wreath with our fabulous foam rings

01 Nov 2017

Our selection of classic foam rings are the perfect way for you to create your very own Christmas decorations this coming festive season. Choose from our Oasis or Val Spicer foam rings to keep the base moist so the flowers stay fresh, as well as keeping everything in place. Our plastic back foams are spectacular for your a Christmas centerpiece when it comes to keeping your space clean and stopping any water from leaking onto a table cloth. Foam backed wreaths, on the other hand, are perfect for hanging. Create a gorgeous Christmas wreath like this or a centrepiece for your Christmas dinner using the following tips;

1.       Use Garland to surround the wrap around the surface area of the Foam Ring, will look similar to a Christmas wreath.

2.       Add in your own personal touches with a variety of Cones, Cinnamon Sticks and Berries until you see fit.

3.       Finish off the centre piece with a lighted candle in the middle of the ring, creating the perfect atmosphere whilst enjoy your Christmas food.

We have a wide range of products of our own that will easily help you transform the foam ring into something truly personal this Christmas. Head over to our website for more information along with a range of picks, dried fruits and other items that may be a nice addition to your Christmas celebrations.