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Get creative this Christmas – our favourite ways our fabric can be used in seasonal crafts

01 Nov 2017

The excitement of Christmas is approaching us and soon our Christmas shopping will begin! If you’re one of those people who like to go for something different creatively, this blog will be just for you. For those who are searching for some easily achieved but effective DIY ideas for an extra bit of thought, take a look at our idea of the best way fabrics can be used at Christmas time. This might just be what you were looking for in terms of quirky DIY ideas, all making brilliant festive decorations or adorable handmade gifts.

Table runners

Our gorgeous Christmas fabric would be typically used for a table runner to go with your Christmas dinner set up. Alter them as you like to make the perfect fit. Have a look at all the patterns and colours we have in stock for you this year.

Christmas Bunting

Now, if you fancy doing something different… A festive DIY bunting piece made with our fabric would look gorgeous scattered around the walls of the home or over the fireplace. You could go for the traditional pointed arrow look or why challenge yourself and create Christmas shapes such as trees or stars. Sew buttons, illustrations or layer additional materials onto to bunting for your own personalised and unique look.

All you will need:

·         A fabric of your choice

·         Needle and thread/sewing

·         Cardboard


1.       Take a piece of cardboard and cut it in the shape you wish to shape your bunting flags.

2.       Double your material around it and pin the bunting to your cardboard shape and carefully cut out around it so you’re left with two pieces of material.  Repeat this until you have enough flags for your desired bunting length.

3.       Place and pin both bits of the material shapes back to back. The back of the material must be facing out on both sides and the side you wish to see on your finishing bunting look must be on the inside, facing in on itself.

4.       Sew around the edges but leave the part clear that will connect the bunting to the string. Turn the shape inside out and you’ll be left with a single bunting shape you will soon attach to your string base.

5.       After you’ve turned all of the shapes, fold the ends of your material string into the section of the shape you wish to attach. Sew a straight line along the string and your shape so both will be connected. Repeat this with all of your shapes but make sure they’re evenly spaced apart.


Hanging Christmas Shapes

Here’s an adorable idea for a Christmas gift. With as similar method to our buntings, fabric shapes could be stuffed with cotton and have string attached to hang on the wall or tree. Detail them with similar aspects such as buttons to make them extra special.

Fabric Name Tags

To add a decorative touch to your gifts or hampers, homemade fabric name tags would be the perfect finishing touch. These could be entirely made with fabric or similar materials, or a small bit of fabric sewed or glued onto a brown rustic card name tag would create a real creative look.